Doctor Who: Watchers in the Fourth Dimension

Bonus Episode 12: Stupid Sexy Voord (”Doctor Who: The Early Years” Panel from DragonCon 2021)

October 3, 2021

It’s a bonus episode of Watchers in the Fourth Dimension! Recorded as a LIVE panel in conjunction with DragonCon’s Brittrack for DragonCon Goes Virtual 2021, we bring you our discussion on Doctor Who: The Early Years - a beginners’ guide to the first two Doctors, broken up into six episodes, much like many of the serials of the 1960s:

Episode 1: The Quest for Time – we discuss how New Series fans can discover the Classic Series, and some of the entry points into it.

Episode 2: The Changing Face of _______ – the Watchers sum up the personalities of first two Doctors and compare them to their modern successors.

Episode 3: The Children of Time – our panel discusses the role of the companions in early Doctor Who, how that role changes through the years, and once again, compares them to their modern successors.

Episode 4: The Evolution of the Daleks – it wouldn’t be Doctor Who without his greatest enemies! We look at their early appearances and discuss the phenomenon that was Dalekmania.

Episode 5: The Emergence of the Cybermen – with the Daleks being phased out, the show turned to a secondary “dominant” race of monsters. In this segment, we look back on their early appearances, and how the earliest Cybermen were brought back in the modern era.

Episode 6: The Recommendations of Rassilon – finally, we all provide some recommendations of highlights of the first two Doctors for newbies to the black & white era of Doctor.


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