Doctor Who: Watchers in the Fourth Dimension

Bonus Episode 3: HOWWWW-DEEE! (Interviews Live from WhoLanta 2019 - Part 2)

August 25, 2019

In our third bonus episode of content recorded live at WHOlanta 2019, we bring you our second series of interviews from the convention, in which Anthony talked to convention guests and fellow podcasters attending the convention about their opinions on the William Hartnell era. This time, we feature Nathan Skreslet of Pixel Who, Mike Gordon of Earth Station One and Earth Station Who, and comic book artist Kelly Yates. Links to material from each participant are below:


Nathan Skreslet

 Mike Gordon

 Kelly Yates


We will be back next time with another regular episode, covering The Space Museum, In the meantime, you can also follow us and interact with us on various forms of social media – Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. And if you’re enjoying this podcast, please leave us a review on your preferred podcasting app.

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