Doctor Who: Watchers in the Fourth Dimension

Episode 33: Pirates of the Caribboring (The Smugglers)

May 17, 2020

In this episode, “Pirates of the Caribboring” the Watchers kick-start Season 4 with the swashbuckling adventure known only as “The Smugglers.” Oh... maybe “swashbuckling” and “adventure” oversells it a bit?


This episode, Anthony talks censorship, Julie gets excited about the shirtless men of the story, Don discusses his least-favourite trope, and Reilly highlights the Doctor’s boozing. Spoiler alert: the entire team doesn't find much to enjoy about this story.


For those who want to watch along with us, this story is sadly missing. You can find the missing episodes on narrated audio in The Lost TV Episodes: Collection Two box set through either Amazon US ( or Amazon UK ( If you want to watch the reconstruction, you should Google it – we don’t want to be naughty by posting a link to Dailymotion *cough*.


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