Doctor Who: Watchers in the Fourth Dimension

Episode 39: A More Localized Terrible Idea (The Moonbase)

August 9, 2020

Everyone’s second favourite Doctor Who monsters are back, as the Watchers in the Fourth Dimension once again encounter the Cybermen, along with weather control, poisoned sugar, and a rag-tag group of Europeans. It can only be The Moonbase!


Over the course of the episode, Don talks about Cybermen design, Reilly is disappointed by the absence of the Doctor wearing a hat in this story, Anthony raves over the international vibe of the moonbase, and Julie questions the obsession that fiction has with controlling the weather. The entire crew discusses the alleged misogyny in the story, with Polly being sent off to make the coffee (which actually leads to the main mystery of the first couple of episodes being solved…).


If you want to watch along with us, half of this story is sadly missing. However, the BBC have released the surviving episodes on DVD, along with animations of the two missing episodes, and you can acquire it through either Amazon US ( or Amazon UK (


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