Doctor Who: Watchers in the Fourth Dimension

Bonus Episode 15: Up the Kilt! (The Evil of the Daleks Animation)

November 14, 2021

Anthony, Don, Julie, and Reilly are joined by friend-of-the-podcast Alan Siler as they return to the Troughton-era to discuss the recently released animation of The Evil of the Daleks in this bonus episode, Up the Kilt!


Over the course of the episode, the team looks at the animation style, its suitability as a substitute for the missing episodes, and whether they’d watch it again. Along the way, Reilly stokes controversy by revealing that he watched the colour version(!), Julie gets to re-ignite her love for Jamie, Alan spots all the Easter Eggs, Anthony finds himself excited by the animation of the Daleks’ eyestalks, and Don tries to figure out the most convoluted method possible of watching this serial.


If you would like to watch along with us, you can find the animation available on physical media through Amazon US ( and Amazon UK ( At the time of publication, this animation is available to stream in the US via AMC+ (, but is not yet available to stream in the UK.


If you’d like to listen to our original thoughts from when we first discussed the reconstructed version of this serial, you can hear them in our 42nd Episode, Dalek in a Dumbwaiter.


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